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Dear Aspiring Blogger/Entrepreneur,

If you, like many starters & newbies are having trouble with installing WordPress websites, look no further.

We understand that WordPress installation requires setting up a database, file permissions and dealing with FTP clients. On top of that, you also need to install & configure the themes, plugins, posting, and ensuring the security of your website.

"Now You Can Remove All Those Headaches Forever"

We have developed a system that will allow you to get your WordPress website INSTANTLY at the click of a few buttons. You just need to type in a few details of your cPanel web hosting, and choose your desired website theme. 

Within a few seconds, your website will be up and running instantly!

Sound great huh? 😉

"Here's How Your Website Will Look Like​"

Take a look for yourself. Currently there not one two or three, but 15 website themes that you can choose from.

1) Just Blue

A standard blog style theme, it brings premium functionality for free, with the ability to customize settings using the options panel, and the included custom widgets, and it’s a responsive theme. Customize the visual style of your site by uploading your own background pattern or choosing background color you like most. You can control the settings for all aspects of your theme from a centralized options panel, making it easy to manage your site. ---> Click here for demo

2) Socially Viral

SociallyViral Free is a beautifully designed WordPress theme that is built to be engaging, fast, and most importantly, boost viral traffic. With features to help increase social sharing, you'll get more traffic from the web's top social media websites and also boost your search engine rankings.  ---> Click here for demo

3) Groovy

Groovy is a beautiful, magazine style WordPress theme. Hand-crafted, hand-coded and lightning fast, Groovy is built for bloggers who want a clean, elegant magazine WordPress theme for their blog to maximize pageviews, ad revenues, and create the best user experience possible. There are subtle backgrounds and typography that add a sense of style to Groovy, and the crisp colors contrast against the clean background to make a powerful visual impression. Our options panel comes with every theme, giving you maximum control over the appearance and functionality of Groovy. ---> Click here for demo

4) GridBlog

GridBlog is a beautiful, modern and highly unique grid-based theme for your WordPress site. GridBlog is completely free to use but comes packed with all the features, settings and customization options you would expect from a premium design. ---> Click here for demo

5) Point

Point is a fluid responsive theme that is multipurpose and flexible. Through the advanced options panel, you can choose from multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes, as well as control specific features of the theme. ---> Click here for demo

6) DualShock

DualShock consists of dual purpose blog and magazine UI theme. It features the best features including our options panel, custom widgets, translation-ready functionality and search engine optimization. With a unique layout including sleek post meta information box, DualShock is a must-have theme. ---> Click here for demo

7) Playbook

Playbook is a traditional WordPress theme with a dual column post layout, a fully responsive design. Playbook includes SEO optimization, custom widgets, our industry grade options panel, and much more. ---> Click here for demo

8) Pinboard

Pinboard is a Pinterest-styled WordPress theme. With a grid layout and lots of built-in features, Pinboard also has unlimited backgrounds and color schemes and is fully customizable. Plus, it’s built with HTML5 and CSS3 and is fully responsive. ---> Click here for demo

9) Ribbon

Ribbon is a wide post display, traditional structure WordPress magazine theme. With a dual color scheme, plenty of whitespace to pad your content, Ribbon is a perfect choice for both niche and general purpose blogs. ---> Click here for demo

10) Portal

Portal is a very simple, magazine plus blog style theme with light bright colors blending nicely. With all the latest features such as Responsive layout, SEO Optimized, Custom Widgets and many more.. ---> Click here for demo

11) Great

Great is a traditional, magazine-style WordPress theme. With a clean, minimalist design, Great is optimized to help your blog stand out from the crowd and dominate the web.. ---> Click here for demo

12) GreenChilli

GreenChili is a clean, blog-style WordPress theme that combines traditional WordPress styling with its features, functionality and optimization. The fully customizable theme is responsive, optimized for both SEO and advertising, and maintains a clean yet sophisticated feel.. ---> Click here for demo

13) Diary

Diary is a free, pixel-perfect WordPress theme that is designed to be easy to update and keep your readers interested. With a left-aligned layout, a large post display that can accommodate large images, and a splash of color, this is one diary you will love to write in. ---> Click here for demo

14) Bloggie

Bloggie is a free WordPress theme in the standard blog structure. The theme is designed specifically to get users to read your posts, and to turn one visitor into multiple pageviews using the sidebar widgets and the related posts option. ---> Click here for demo

15) AccentBox

AccentBox's features and design can put any premium theme to shame. With its elegant design and powerful features, AccentBox will top the downloading charts. This HTML5 theme is made fully responsive to make sure your blog look awesome in any case. ---> Click here for demo

Note: The system is compatible with Linux servers with cPanel only. Windows servers are not compatible.  If you're unsure about your hosting account, please ask your web hosting company. Secondly, our system may not be compatible with all shared web hosting accounts due to different configuration settings laid down by each company. We provide the free service 'as it is'. However, we do recommend the web hosting company that is compatible with the system.

Remember, you will not just get any WordPress installation, but with ALL of these powerful features that can save up your time and money! (All for free)

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"Top Five Reasons to Choose a Self-Hosted Over a Hosted Platform"

You have decided to go deep into the blogging waters. That’s good for your professional blogging career. However, your blog needs a “living space” to exist and develop. If you are already thinking about WordPress.com and Blogger.com, we have to say that we aren’t surprised. We are just a bit disappointed and here’s a handful of reasons why.

Reason #1: You are in control, for real!

If you want to have the full and unlimited control over your professional blog then a self-hosted platform is the right thing for you. This option allows you to take care of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), layouts, advertising revenues, and all other invaluable additional functions. Self-hosted solutions make it possible for you to install eye-catching custom blog themes. Last but definitely not least, you will have the full access to the backend files. Meaning, you will be able to apply all code changes the way you want them.

Reason #2: Are you tired of unlimited hosted limitations?

At first glance, putting your blog’s fate in hosted hands may sound like a good idea. Yet, you should better think twice. Hosted solutions are all about limitations. Unless you don’t want to diminish your blog’s professional appearance with the WordPress or Blogger domain name tails, you have to purchase one to be used for your blog exclusively. In addition, you can expect to have a limited amount of memory space, bandwidth, and video time for your blog with the hosted solutions.

Reason #3: If you want to be a pro then you have to look like a pro!

Nowadays, anyone can be a blogger. The catch is that you need quite a few magic ingredients to be a successful blogger. At the end of the long blogging day it all comes down to a professional appearance of your blog. Rest assured, this isn’t something you are going to achieve with a hosted helping hand.

Reason #4: The best things in any blogger’s life are (NOT) free!

What is the main reason for the immense popularity of blogging and blogs? This creative and addictive activity is supposed to be free. Yet again, there’s a catch. If you don’t want to invest then you are going to end up like the rest of not so successful bloggers. A small investment in a third-party hosting provider can often tell the difference between an influential and an invisible blog. Remember, those allegedly free hosted platforms aren’t free at all. The moment you decide to improve your blog to make it look more professional you will have to pay for it.

Reason #5: Choose self-hosts and forget about hidden costs!

The full transparency is the best thing about self-hosted solutions. If you want for your blog to play then you have to pay. The so-called “free” hosted solutions just can’t wait to send you a bill for a new theme or upgrade you need to move to the next level.

"So Why Do We Recommend Self-Hosted WordPress Platform?"

Every business owner knows that isn't an easy thing finding a balance between a nice looking but extremely costly and a free platform that still doesn't give you a top notch pro feeling. Is there a solution? Well, how do you feel about WordPress as your preferred self-hosted option? We will give you more than one rock solid reason to hit two targets with one WordPress arrow. How? Can you reach the top professional standards for an affordable price? Let's find out by examining the following list of benefits:

Benefit #1: An abundance of available WordPress themes.

There are literally thousands of themes available for you to choose from. And, it gets even better for your WordPress website. As soon as you have enough of your current website theme, you can change it quickly and simply. Your website can get new clothes in no time. Isn’t it great?

Benefit #2: You can’t get enough of themes? Wait until you hear how many plugins are waiting for you!

It is hard to say how many WordPress plugins are out there ready to improve your website. We are talking about tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of mind-blowing plugins. Relax, there's no exaggeration when it comes to WordPress plugins. Here's breaking news about these adorable plugins. For the most of them, you don't have to be a programming guru to install and run them properly on your website. Your website's functionality is going to be improved beyond your most optimistic expectations. You can improve your website's SEO, enable social media sharing options, photo slideshows, and so many other exciting features.

Benefit #3: WordPress is all about its legendary “five minutes rule.”

What is that supposed to mean for your website? Well, you will need five minutes to install it. Then you will need no more than five minutes to update it, every time a new WordPress update becomes available. Guess what? If you want to improve your website’s functionality and security, you will get all the job done in five minutes. Yes, WordPress is that easy and simply to maintain and upgrade. What’s going to happen if you can’t solve a problem by yourself? Well, rest assured that you will find a qualified WordPress expert to help you in five minutes or less, too.

Benefit #4: Did you know that Google is WordPress’ best friend?

Yes, this is totally true. WordPress websites are very dynamic. They get updates quite often. In addition, the content on these websites is structured quite well. As a result, Google will reward your website with a muck quicker ranking compared to boring static websites. Did you know that Google strongly recommends WordPress as the #1 self-hosted platform for business users? Well, Google it and see for yourself.

Benefit #5: Your WordPress website will never walk alone!

WordPress community is one of the biggest, most organized, and fastest growing in the cyber-world. We are talking about an army of WordPress developers, designers, contributors, and other enthusiasts who are willing to share their know-how with you at any given moment.

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Here Are Just Some of The Features & Benefits Included In Your Website

We plan to update the list of our benefits constantly. Pay attention to these magnificent benefits and continue reading to find out what these benefits can do for your WP website:

#1 - Enjoy the top-class Anti-Spam Protection.

Thanks to this great feature you will be in full control of what is going on your website. Meaning you will eliminate all spamming comments and activities quickly and easily. In addition, you can set up and adjust numerous filters to suit your specific needs. As soon as the spammers figure out that you can block them efficiently, they will move on looking for the next website with a weak protection.

#2 - Set up SEO friendly permalinks.

It goes without saying that if you want to position your website among the top search results, you have to make sure your website is SEO friendly. How? Well, the so-called permalinks or permanent links are just the things your website needs to make your SEO dreams come true. So, take advantage of the situation and use the specific URL structure of permalinks that will maximize your SEO objectives.

#3 - Configure your ping list.

Are you eager to notify search engines about the most recent changes you made on your website? Well, a ping list will do it for you. This great feature notifies search engines about all changes that you have made in no time. This is extremely important if you want to make sure that you don’t stay behind in the competitive and dynamic SEO race.

#4 - Set up an adorable contact page.

What is a website without an appealing contact page? Think about a house without a door and you will get the right feeling. This is one of those website pages we often take for granted. However, it can be very important for your website and proper business communication. So, set up a contact page with our help the right way.

#5 - Configure a static sitemap.

Why it is important for your website to have a sitemap? This feature is actually strongly appreciated by both Google and your website’s visitors. Search engines will reward your website with improved visibility if you allow them to do their indexing job quickly and easily. On the other hand, the visitors will spend more time on your website if you allow them to navigate easily and find what they have been looking for with the help of nicely structured sitemap.

#6 - Set up a Facebook widget on your sidebar.

Nowadays we can hardly imagine our lives without the social networks. Right? When it comes to your WP website, it can certainly benefit from teaming up with Facebook. How? How do you feel about setting up a Facebook widget on your website’s sidebar? Rest assured that you visitors will certainly appreciate it.

#7 - Four great additional plugins.

If you want to improve your website’s functionality then you should definitely set up these plugins: Notifications Bar, Tab Widget, Shortcodes, and URL Shortener. They come in handy for your WP website visitors that is for sure.

#8 - Seven place-holder pages (or more), including the navigation menus, will be set up

These placeholder pages will be set up for you so that you have an better idea on how your pages will look like. So you just need to change the text to your own and that's it! 🙂

#9 - Six place-holder sub pages (or more), including the sub-menus, will be set up

Similarly, apart from the placeholder pages,  placeholder sub-pages will also be set up for you! So doing a website is becoming easier for you with our free service.

#10 - Banners on the sidebars promoting affiliate programs will be set up (You just need to change to your Clickbank affiliate ID)

Let's not forget, what's the main purpose of building a new website? You have to turn it into a money-making machine. We've made it easier for you by placing placeholder banner ads!! You just need to change to your affiliate ID and that's it! So, better sooner than later.

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Hope to see you with your website soon!


ps: Since this is a free offer, no free support is provided after the website is set up. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Customizing the theme
  • Creation of a new & unique theme
  • Troubleshooting what went wrong with your own installation, editing of theme, etc
  • Additional plugins which are not included in the packages
  • Setting up of your domain name on your hosting account, hosting related questions, etc. (These are simply not related to WordPress installation)

Important Note: Your website/blog will be functional as stated in the description. We do not include any additional free services beyond what is specifically stated.

Here are just a few testimonials from those who have dealt with me in the past:

Edmund Lohhttp://www.EdmundLoh.com

Zai Adi is one of the few trustworthy business people I have had the pleasure and honor of working with. He truly puts his clients first and is easily reachable on the Internet, as I deal with him exclusively online."

Stephen Boutellewww.prosperityunleashed.com

Wow! I was totally amazed at how quickly and efficiently my new blog was installed on my site... A fully functional blog, ready-to-go, just wating for me to customize it! I also appreciated the variety of themes available to choose from.Thank you for doing a great job in a timely and professional manner.

Ronnie Parker

I just want to say how much I love the WordPress affiliate site that you created for me.The package went far beyond what I was expecting in every way. The site came complete with a premium theme, premium plugins, fully optimized, I mean what more could I want. Thank you so much for delivering so much value.

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All I can say is "wow" You set up my new blog in record time. I'm amazed and delighted with my blog. And will tell my online family about your services. Once again my sincere thank you.

Bill Hall www.bdcmarketing.net

Many thanks for completing this project, after being scammed so many times in the past it's just a pleasure doing business with a genuine marketer/businessman. You are helping to restore my faith in this crazy World of the Internet we live in! I will dive into the blogs as soon as possible and I'm sure there will be some questions I need to ask, so until then to you and all of your family, have a wonderful year.